What Is Your Own Color?


Each color that we perceive with our eyes has an effect on our mind. In fact, according to color psychology, some tonalities can influence our mood and even some of our physiological processes in different ways.

On the other hand, several studies have shown that our preference for some colors over others is an indicator of some of our personality traits. As expected, color psychology is being used in various areas of the industry, but also by medical and sports science with excellent results.

If these data on the relationship between colors and personality have piqued your interest, we invite you to read this article to the end.

colorful hair style and coat

What color represents you the most?

The relationship between colors and personality can be expressed as follows: each color produces a certain effect on our mind; this also means that a preference for a specific color will indicate a personality trait with a tendency to certain emotions. This is because each color produces a specific neuronal activation and excitation effect in our brain, so as you can see, colors emanate sensations and emotions. Let's see this more in detail.

gray is power, mystery and no fear

Let go of the idea that gray is a negative color. Actually, this color is associated with well-balanced, calm, and conservative personalities. It also applies to people who are so focused and rational, that it's hard to get them angry.


purple is creative, expressive and emotive

This color is associated with orderly, sentimental, and very spiritual people. These are very sensitive people who, however, don't show it easily when they are hurt; they prefer to keep quiet and not show their emotions at that time. Before, they prefer to reflect, think, and seek their inner peace, but they're always ready to help others.


blue is pratical, dependable and directive

People who tend to favor this color like peace and quiet. They live according to their beliefs and ideals, without caring what others think. They are practical people, but with well-established integrity and beliefs. That is, strong personalities, but relaxed and well-balanced.


brown is secure, warm and supportive

These are people with a great feeling of rootedness to the earth, to the physical aspects of life, and to simplicity. This personality reflects love for a simple and natural life, for the comfort of everyday life and for loved ones, family, and friends; that is, they need emotional stability.


What kind of sports is suitable for you?

Did you know that based on personality, it's also possible to group each individual into one of five categories of physical activity and know the most appropriate type of sport for each person? That's according to this study.

various sports climbing, biking, yoga

Extreme sports

These types of activities can include speed, intense physical exertion and specialized equipment mixed with a certain dose of danger. Something ideal for brave, adventurous, and highly motivated people.

Individual sports

Any type of physical activity that can only be practiced alone - such as Yoga - is suitable for independent people who prefer to be in control of their own performance so that their success doesn't depend on others.


Lifestyle sports

All those physical activities that you can practice with moderate intensity and incorporate into your daily life in a recreational way - such as going for a run or riding a bicycle - while keeping attention for health care.


What products are recommended?

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