4 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Mind: WFH


Although with the pandemic it started out as a necessity, working from home is a condition of employed life which seem to be here to stay. Though many employees have felt there's been benefits to these kinds of working conditions, difficulties in maintaining a healthy division between work-life and private-life persist. With this in mind, we've put together a few ideas that might help keep things feeling fresh while enjoying all the benefits of the WFH lifestyle.

work from home

Try a short home workout routine

Mucking about on a gym mat is a staple part of physical education for a lot of people, and, quite frankly, it's a shame that people tend not to include this kind of thing in their adult life. Because quite frankly, it's fun. You may want to swap the gym shorts and daps for yoga leggings and a yoga sports bra, but devising a quick routine of stretches, burpees and the like is a quick way of getting blood running back to your brain after sitting down for a long time, helping to refresh your brain and your body.

workout at home

Dance to your favourite music

This could take the form of an actual dance class, clad in women's yoga leggings and spendy trainers, after a day working hard at your home desk. But it could also be in the last fifteen minutes of your lunch-break. Like a workout routine, this kind of thing will make you feel more energised and awake both intellectually and physically, This kind of thing is especially good for your work/mind routine because it will make your emotions more holistically felt, through the joy of hearing the music and responding to it with your body.

Dance to your favourite music

Get some houseplants

Having houseplants improves how positively you feel about the domestic space you are working in. Equally, however, watching your flora grow and flourish gives a sense of structure and progress, even if the process of logging on to video calls can sometimes get repetitive. To make sure this happens, of course, you'll have to water your plants and make sure they have not outgrown your pots: this is another constructive and ambiently inspiring thing to add to your routine.

get some houseplants

Switch your phone off for a bit

Screen fatigue is very real, and sometimes it feels like the work/mind balance is mediated entirely from switching from one screen to another when the day ends or begins. To combat this, block out a bit of time each day where you are associated with not piece of technology whatsoever - whether this is in the form of a big walk, or cooking an elaborate lunch, or even just staring out the window.

switch your phone off


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