Which Sport Are You Made For?


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There are literally hundreds of sports out there, making it hard to pick just one. That's why we have lined up 3 tips to help you find out what sport is for you!

1. Evaluating Your Age

It goes without saying that you should be an active person no matter how old you are. However, some sports demand particular age related restrictions. For example - if you are over 50, heavy weight lifting is not a good idea.

But what you can do is get activewear and do stretching and an easy workout to keep your body and mind relaxed and healthy.

2. Determine Your Body Type

One of the best ways to find which sport suits you best is by determining your body type. The three different body types are:

Ectomorphs are lean with less fat and muscle compared to the other two. They usually have trouble increasing their muscles and gaining weight and are ideal for swimming, cycling, and soccer.

Endomorphs contain lots of muscle and fat and are gaining weight easily but might find it difficult to increase muscle mass. Endomorphs are born for artistic gymnastics, skating, rowing, rugby, and weightlifting.

Mesomorphs are muscular and athletic. They have no trouble gaining or losing weight and can play bodybuilding, weightlifting, and other power sports that combine strength and endurance, like rugby and hockey.

Remember that finding quality legging and jacket is equally important as finding the right sport and a personal training studio.

3. Build a Healthy Lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle is often the main reason urging you to finally start playing sports. However, if you have been inactive for quite a while, get your everyday outfit and start by walking your dog or running a few laps around the block.

This way, you can prepare your body for outdoor cycling, rowing, or squash, which are, according to scientists, the healthiest options you have.

Regardless of age, being physically active will help you lead a happier and healthier life!

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