- Compressive and sculpting -

Support you in everyway possible, especially when you need to keep things under your sway. With the right amount of compression, Sway enhances your performance by keeping your muscles tight and stable. Sway from studio to street.


- Cushy and smooth -

Just plushy enough to feel the luxe. Adapts to your body like a glow on your skin. Posh is cushy but not to thick.

The matt surface of the fabric gives a low key look and makes you feel so great about your self.


- Sleek & low friction -

You barely feel its there, but Noods gives you the right amount of support just when you need it. The sleek surface and the tummy control function makes you feel together and ready for the day. Slightly water-proof, prepares you to stick it through.


- Ultralight & zero gravity -

Light like feather catching a breeze. Designed for unretricted movements and more possibilities, OnAir allows you to feel like you are on the fly. The unbeatable breathability of the fabric makes you feel like it comes with a vent.
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